Proven to help patients treat and manage a whole host of debilitating conditions including Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, and Arthritis, as well as whole host of other conditions, medicinal marijuana is now recognised as an effective method of treatment in the medical world.

This has forced many governments to re-evaluate their drug laws and consider the decriminalisation of one of the world’s most talked about substances.

As a result, the drug is now more accessible than ever before, allowing patients in all corners of the globe, to use cannabis as an effective method of treatment for symptoms such as nausea, sleep deprivation, and the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures, to name but a few.

To date,25 states in America have legalised the drug for medicinal purposes, meaning more people than ever before are using marijuana as an effective medicine.

And this growing demand for medicinal marijuana has paved the way for a host of opportunities within the industry, especially for medicinal entrepreneurs looking to tap into this booming industry, which is now said to be worth $50 billion dollars.

However, although marijuana has been legalised for medicinal purposes, this does not mean that you will be able to use the drug recreationally within these states – many governments have very different views on medicinal and recreational use!

With this in mind, it’s important to also remember that not all the laws are created equal. For example, in states that have already enforced medicinal marijuana laws, they generally have a patient registry, which provides some level of protection against arrest for the possession of a certain amount of marijuana.

The states where medicinal marijuana is legal:

• Alaska
• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• District of Columbia
• Guam
• Hawaii
• Illinois
• Maine
• Maryland
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• Montana
• Nevada
• New Hampshire
• New Jersey
• New Mexico
• New York
• Ohio
• Oregon
• Pennsylvania
• Puerto Rico
• Rhode Island
• Vermont
• Washington

Over the past decade, a significant amount of research has indicated that there is far more to marijuana than the high that has become synonymous with the drug.

This is because marijuana’s medicinal properties, CBD (the non-psychoactive cannabinoid) and THC (the psychoactive ingredient), have been linked to a wealth of debilitating conditions.

Dr. ElSohly has been quoted in a well know media publication stating: “There are many indications for which THC would be a good medicine if you have the right formulations and dosing.

“Does it lower intraocular pressure for glaucoma patients? Yes it does. Does it reduce anxiety? Yes it does. Does it stimulate appetite? Yes it does.”

However, not everyone believes that marijuana should be legalised for medicinal purposes. There are many medical experts who believe that far more valid research is needed that look at the medicinal benefits of marijuana before the drug is legalised universally.