Payment Methods

At Sensible Seeds we have a variety of payment methods for you to use. We are a UK based company and our prices are in British Pounds though we do have a currency convertor on the site or you can currency convert at

Methods of payment are as follows:

Visa Credit / Visa Debit Card / Visa Prepay that is activated for overseas transactions

Please pre-approve the sale with your card issuer before submitting the order.

Our payment gateway is based in China so your card issuer may regard this as a high risk area and decline the transaction for security reasons. ( we had to relocate it here as the domestic banks do not like the nature of our products ! )

If you contact them and ask to pre-approve a transaction going via China then it should go through when you submit the order. If they ask what the payment is for say it is for clothing ( best not to mention seeds of course ! ). Please wait 24 hours since your last attempt if you have tried to use the card more than once as the transaction may be blocked our end.

If you have any issues processing the payment please contact us by phone and we will do our best to assist you.

Payment is encrypted and secure.

Please note that the name on your statement will appear as if from a clothing shop based in China.

Bitcoin – The ideal payment method for those wishing to be ultra discreet !

Please ensure the amount sent matches the order value. Please put the order reference number as the reference on the transfer so that we can tie it in with the order, or you can phone / email us to let us know the date and the amount of the transfer so we can link it to the order.

You can send western union direct to our bank account using the above banking details.

The payment must be sent direct to the bank account, NOT for pick up from a western union location.

When entering the name use ” Sensible ” as the first and ” Gifts ” as the second.

If they ask what the payment is for you can say you are buying some items via a gift site you have bought from before

Sometimes they will ask for our office address which is

Sensible Gifts Ltd

1 Knights Rd

Once you have done the transfer please let us know the MTCN number by email so we can keep an eye out for it and tie it in with the order. Once the payment has cleared in the account the order will be sent out.

Bank Transfer

Please transfer to…
Account name – Sensible Gifts LTD

Barclays Bank
65 High St

GU15 3RS

United Kingdom

Account Number – 53411583
Sort code – 20 16 99

IBAN – GB60 BARC 2016 9953 4115 83


Routing Code – ABA026002574

Our office address should you need it for the transfer is

Sensible Gifts LTD
1 Knights rd



We accept cash in all major currencies. If sending a currency other than British Pounds please use the currency convertor on the site or for the equivalent amount. Please send the cash via registered / insured mail for peace of mind and a note with your order details. We cannot be held responsible if the payment does not arrive so please send it tracked.


Please send all correspondence to-

Sensible Gifts LTD
1 Knights rd

United Kingdom

Telephone order

You can phone us on the numbers below and we can take your order over the phone. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday.. 8.30am – 4.20pm GMT (British time)

UK – 0333 6666 420

International – 0044 333 6666 420 or 001144 333 6666 420

We can take personal cheques ( checks ) made out to Sensible Gifts Ltd.

Please note that we cannot take International Money orders.

We are here to help your order process go as smoothly as possible and will answer all emails promptly.

Kind Regards

The Sensible Seeds Team.