In recent years, the cannabis industry has continued to grow at an unprecedented pace. Now a multi-million dollar industry, more people than ever before are using the drug for medicinal and recreational purposes, in all corners of the globe.

But one of the main reasons for this sudden shift in attitude and the increased level of demand for the drug is the fact that research has suggested that medicinal marijuana is able to help patients treat and manage a whole host of debilitating conditions.

Proven to help patients treat the symptoms associated with conditions such as Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Cancer, Anxiety, Depression, and many more, the drug is now in high demand.

This has paved the way for a wealth of opportunities for many marijuana entrepreneurslooking to tap into this booming industry.

And this week, the media reported that San Francisco has become one of the first states to open a high-end pot boutique that allows members entry into a private lounge where they can relax in mid-century modern chairs, watch TV, play chess and unwind under elaborate chandeliers.

However, although anyone can browse Harvest and Geary’s minimalist dispensary, entry into their private lounge comes with a $100 membership fee!

The harvest will soon be home to, “California’s first only private cannabis consumptions lounge,” and the highly anticipated pot boutique is scheduled to open later this month.

Ryan Bush, a co-founder of the Connoisseur Series, which hosts invite-only cannabis-centric meal events, is a huge fan of the idea, as he believes that there is a demand for this type of lounge in San Francisco.

He has been quoted in a well-known media publication stating: “For some people, especially in San Francisco, exclusivity is attractive. I think it could appeal to a certain demographic, for sure.”

However, the new lounge has already sparked much criticism, even from advocates of the drug. Nick Smilgys, Co Founder and former partner in Flow Kana, has been quoted stating: “I think Silicon Valley dollars and culture are stealing the soul of cannabis.”

There are currently 26 states in America that have legalised the drug for medicinal purposes, allowing patients to legally access the drug in order to treat and manage symptoms such as chronic pain, sleep deprivation, nausea as well as the severity and frequency of epileptic seizures.

This has resulted in a number of medicinal marijuana dispensaries opening in a number of states. Marijuana themed festivals and events are also extremely common.

California first legalised medicinal marijuana in 1996, where there was a smoking lounge in almost every San Francisco cannabis club.

And now, in only a few months time, California voters will decide on whether to approve a new measure to legalise recreational marijuana, which is expected to pass due to a shift in attitude.

This has once again reinforced the fact that attitudes are changing in terms of the wider social acceptance of one of the world’s most controversial substances.