With more and more countries and US states legalising cannabis for recreational or medicinal use, the legal cannabis industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.

And, whilst the industry is still very much male-dominates, there are a growing number of women working within the marijuana industry who are leading the way when it comes to ending prohibition, creating high quality products, advocating change, spearheading ground breaking research, and sending the sector in a positive direction.

Here are just a handful of the influential women who are currently shaping the legal weed industry…

Ah Warner

Ah Warner is the owner, operator, and founder of Cannabis Basics, a topicals manufacturing company based in Washington state.

Ah’s business is run by an entirely female staff. Cannabis Basics made history last year when the company was awarded one of the first trademark logos ever issued to a company that not only works with marijuana-infused products, but also has the word ‘cannabis’ in the name.

Ophelia Chong

Ophelia Chong felt that there was a striking need to change perceptions of the cannabis industry and, rather than waiting for someone else to implement that change, she took the task upon herself.

Chong launched – the world’s first stock photo agency to specialise in cannabis-related photos. For many working within or around the industry, the agency is an incredibly valuable source.

Chong’s pot-related photos are not only compelling in their own right, but she is also helping to break down the stereotypes that have long held the industry back.

Toni Savage Fox

Toni Savage Fox founded the 3D Cannabis Centre in a bid to deliver safe, reliable access points to quality cannabis. The 3D Cannabis Centre made history when it became the first retail shop to make a legal sale of recreational cannabis during Colorado’s recreational opening.

As well as running the centre, Fox is also a founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, a founding member of the Women’s Marijuana Movement, and a tireless campaigner for the legalisation of the drug. It’s safe to say that she is hugely influential within the industry!

Amanda Reiman

The Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy for the Drug Policy Alliance, Amanda Reiman’s work has influenced major cannabis policy changes across the US.

Reiman took her first steps into the marijuana industry as the Director of Research and Patient Services for the Berkeley Patient Group. One of the very first dispensaries to open, it has now become a model for safe access points for cannabis across the country.

Reiman has also conducted numerous studies into the use of cannabis, including the role of the drug in treating addiction.

Alison Holcomb

Alison Holcomb was instrumental in the legalisation of cannabis in Washington. Serving as the Drug Policy Director and Criminal Justice Director for Washington state, Holcomb drafted the original legislation for Initiative 502.

Holcomb currently serves as the Director of the Campaign for Smart Justice for the ACLU, where she is well respected by the cannabis community as a whole.